Terms and Conditions

I kindly ask that you follow these rules while being hosted with Enchant Me Not Hosting. If you need any help with any of this, please feel free to ask me for help! These may change at any time, so make sure you keep checking up on the site and make sure you're not breaking any rules.

Basic Requirements

You must have some work that you can show me, wether this is a site you already own, or some graphics, I don't mind. You should know the basics in HTML, and be willing to learn more, such as CSS, PHP and FTP. I have tutorials available on Enchant Me Not that you are more than welcome to use. I'm also a great resource, so feel free to ask me if you need any help.

You must be active on your site - I know life gets hard and busy, but if you haven't added anything to your site in a month, then I will deactivate your account. If you're going away on holiday, or on hiatus, make sure you email me to let me know.
You have two weeks to get your site up and running, i.e. placing a coming soon banner or something like that. You're site must be fully up and running after one month.

Down Time and Data Loss

I wish I could promise 100% uptime, and that you will never lose your data, however it's not possible. It is your responsibility to back up your site on a regular basis, incase something happens. I strongly advise that you follow both @emnhosting as I will post important information on there. Aside from submitting a support ticket, tweeting me is the fastest way to get in touch with me.

Banned Content

First, I do not allow stealing in any form. If I recieve complaints that you have stolen content from another site, I will give you a chance to take it down. If you refuse to remove the content off your site, I will terminate your account.

You may not host an account that contians illegal content, adult content, hateful content, mass emailing, mass downloading (such as music or movies) etc. You may not use your website as a form of file storage, especially for large files like music or movies.

Hosting Others

You are more than welcome to host other domains on your site, or have subdomains for other people, however any bandwidth or space they use is part of your account. I advise you be careful when hosting others.


If you have a free hosting package with me, i.e. you have signed up for the "Zero to Hero" package, you must link to or give credit to emnhosting.com on every page of your site. This can either go in the sidebar or footer.

You may use the following banners, or make your own and link back to me.


You are allowed to have, at most, one "Zero To Hero" hosting accounts. Each free package comes with 3 add-on domains, which means you can host upto 3 domains with us. If you require more than this, then you will need to sign up for one of the paid packages. You are welcome to have as many paid hosting accounts as you like.

Paid Accounts

Paying for hosting can be extremely tricky, especially if you pay for a service, and don't get what you expect. Here at Enchant Me Not Hosting, you have two weeks after your account is set up to pay the hosting fees. This means I will set up your account for you, and you're free to use your account, set up your site etc. without having to pay straight away. This way, if you are, for whatever reason, unsatisfied with our hosting, you can simply close your account without having to worry about getting your money back. On a similar note, you have up to 30 days to get a full refund.

All money transfers will take place via paypal. It is easy and free to set up.


I am happy to set up and maintain your domain name. If you have a preference in Domain Name registrars, then please mention it in the email, otherwise I shall choose a reliable domain host at my own discretion. You are welcome, at any point in time, to have this domain transferred into your own account. If there are any charges to transfering the domain (i.e. to a different registrar), then you must cover these fees.

As for maintaining the domain name, I will send you a reminder 30 days before your domain name is set to expire. You will need to reply to the email I send, and cover any renewal costs.

All money transactions will occur through PayPal. I require any domain name related payment to be done before I can purchase your domain name for obvious reasons. If you are using a paid hosting account, you can either pay the two together, or pay the hosting account's fees at a later time depending on the set up you have asked for.

Upgrading and Downgrading

You are welcome, at any time, to upgrade or downgrade your hosting package. Upgrading If you are upgrading your account, you will need to pay the balance of the year at the new rate. Downgrading When downgrading your account, you are welcome to send in a ticket requesting a refund. Depending upon the situation, we may refund you. This is after the first 30 days mentioned above.

Privacy Policy

All personal information recieved by us will under no circumstance be shared with anyone else unless required to do so by Law.

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