About Enchant Me Not Hosting

Enchant Me Not Hosting is a relatively new hosting company. It premiered as a free hosting site in January 2011, however slowly grew into offering shared and reseller accounts after a few months.

Our Servers

Here at Enchant Me Not Hosting, we have a server uptime of 100%, unlike any other hosts. If our servers do go down, the sites on the server still appear online, due to the remote server that automatically comes online instantly if a problem is sensed on the main servers.

Our servers are extremely fast, responsive, really top quality. There are numerous features, such as Softaculous, which come with every account.

We also provide numerous forms of support, such as the traditional ticket submission, to the use of twitter, and the faster still live chat option - we are here to help you, and get your site the best service it could have.

Our Goals

Starting a site, whether it's to express yourself through a blog or photoblog, starting a community service site or offering resources to others around the world, is easy. However, after ours of time spent working on your site, getting it perfect, your site is suddenly lost. Whether the servers are only down temporarily, or your previous host has completely disappeared off the face of the online world, your site can't be accessed. Here, at Enchant Me Not Hosting, we do our best to ensure your site, and all the data on our site, are completely safe and secure. We only want the very best for you, our clients, and that is our number one goal.
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